Tammy Yang Elected SPE Fellow

Tammy Yang Elected Fellow of the SPE

Tammy Yang, past chair of the Building and Infrastructure Division, is being recognized as a new Fellow of the SPE. She is a Research Fellow for GAF, reflecting her extensive and successful career in plastics.

Ms. Yang is known as an expert within the plastics and building industry who fully understands key factors that drive the market.  Her knowledge and experiences include polymers, composites, coating, adhesives, stage gate new product development, blue ocean and disruptive innovation, IP generation, competitive strength weakness assessment, supply chain cost and market positioning, global product development, industry-academic partnership, team building, effective coaching, raw material specifications, regulations, sustainability, customer product design receiving 60 granted patents, 30 new patent applications and 10+ publications.

Among her accomplishments, she

  • Founded and grew EverGuard single ply TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) team owning the formulation and product development, upscale of manufacturing production, expanding full system product line collection, growing the GAF TPO business from scratch to over 6 billion square feet rooftop coverage, one of the top two producers.
  • EverGuard products are widely regarded as the highest performing membrane in the market today.
  • Led small functional team to innovate and execute on a next generation RV opportunity with patent protection. The first year earned tens of millions of square feet for a new venue and significant market position.
  • Liaised and directed collaboration with Lehigh University to deliver the first single ply roofing predictive model around durability performance in wind and hail impact situations.
  • Developed Single Ply attribute, technology and IP roadmap.  NPD and IP application in pipeline. 
  • GAF Business Excellence Award (the highest individual award in the whole company, 2 recipients in 2014)   

Congratulations, Tammy!